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On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Tantek Çelik of the Mozilla Basis and Mozilla Firefox net browser, responded to a World Huge Internet Consortium (W3C) web-based straw-poll mailing listing “name for assessment” relating to Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specs for net browsers.

DIDs are a new type of self-sovereign identifier that allows verifiable, decentralized digital id — with out the necessity for centralized organizations like Mozilla. Companies and apps, comparable to browsers, are de facto homeowners of your digital id. DIDs take away this invasive affect and put customers in command of their very own identities. Çelik’s response was regarding, not solely as a result of it was a direct assault on DIDs and proof of labor, however as a result of it demonstrated a surprising weaponization of the W3C’s ethical principles.

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